September 15, 2012
AlaserSystems form alliance with IT-Pillars. AlaserSystems will be a wholesaler of IT-Pillars products and services in Yemen.

October 20, 2011 AlaserSystems started registering Alaser academic, Pro. & Enterprise training. More...

October 10, 2011
AlaserSystems distrobuted Alaser-LiveCD Academic Edition to collages & universities. More...

October 01, 2011
AlaserSystems has announced the release of Alaser Arabic/English interfaces Academic, Professional and Enterprise Linux


AlaserSystems offers its clients a comprehensive set of services and solutions including:-

Various Vendor Hardware Configuration and Installation (Small to Very Large Scale Computing system)

– Software Solutions (redhat partner).
– Web hosting
– Hardware Solutions.
– Networking.
– Surveillance Systems.
– Security Systems.
– Automation Systems.


We provide high quality web hosting solutions at low prices to all our customers. Affordable web hosting prices to fit every budget.

All Web hosting accounts are included an easy-to-use Control Panel that allows you to easily manage your account.



Business Partner

RH_Ready Business Partner
We are pleased to become a new member of the OpenShift Commons community, where we have been able to collaborate in an open, agile community to drive custom application development.


Training Programs

AlaserSystems offers a wide range of training courses for your own personal and your staff ongoing career development.

Cisco Systems, OPNET, GNS3, Solaris, redhat, Open Source, BSD, AlaserLinux and Others.

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